where to? HELP! guidance, a clue, OPEN OUR EYES!

hi, Abba.  thank You thank You thank You that You have brought us to the tipping point once again, and that You will see us through.


thank you for directions & decisions & the free will to follow them! (Photo credit: bupowski)

thank You that You already know exactly where we’re going, You’ve prepared a place for us, and we’re right where we’re meant to be.

Your timing is always perfect.

Thank You for leading us.  Thank you for our new life.  Thank You for this transition time, this mystery, this adventure.

Thank You for the heart-focused breathing technique that is keeping me sane.  thank You thank You thank You.

and thank You for Ben’s new tiny baby lizard and the adorable “best day ever” song he made up about it this morning. 😉

even in the midst of chaos, life is good.

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