O Life, Where Is Your Victory?

Good morning, Abba. I come before Your throne in worship, for You are Almighty God. The beginning and the end. You are the reason for all of this. The source. The original. The inventor. Creator. Artist. Explorer. Author. Healer. Patient leader. Tenderhearted father. Loving shepherd. Fierce warrior. Protector. Defender. Redeemer. And ultimately you will set all wrongs right and make everything beyond worth it.

I confess that I pretty much lived another day only for myself. I just get so caught up in the sensual pleasures of life, the business, the lure of the outer and the attempts to reach worldly success. Then I switch over to self-loathing and the opposite end of the not-focused-on-You spectrum. O Life, where is Your victory? My flesh is so weak to do what You would have me do, and so strong to lead me astray and distract me. I confess I have not disciplined my flesh and my mind to stay focused on You and things above.

Thank You that Your mercies are new every morning. Thank You for the high calling on my life. Thank You for the power of prayer. Thank You for the people You have given me, who are just waiting for me to step up to my position of power and create the space for them to learn about the disciplines and join together in a community of believers who are taking the disciplines seriously without getting cultish. Thank You that we do have internet access much of the time, and that the finances to provide that consistently are on the way. Thank You that we are well-fed and cared for and that our own home will be here soon. Thank You that I get along so well with my husband most of the time. I know that is pure miracle. Thank You for our health and our magical family.

Please guide us today. Keep us close to You and don’t let us stray too far. Help us to actually do what needs to be done to experience Your sweet victory!! Teach us what our part is exactly. Send us Your Holy Spirit to instruct us and comfort us. Open our eyes to actually SEE You as You said we would! Or, if that’s a misunderstanding of the scripture, please open our minds to understand that, so we aren’t left feeling defeated. Bring us community that is committed to You and living for You, so that we can build each other up and reach victory together. Bring hymns to our mind throughout the day, to keep our hearts on You and Your heavenly reality. Make this day a day to remember forever. A day of victory for Your Kingdom.

In Jesus’ name I pray, and so it is! Amen!

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