The Gift of Depression

Abba, You are. You are absolutely amazing. You are the reason for all of this. You are the brilliant creator and inventor of every natural thing. You came up with the very idea of life. You breathed existence into being. You can end everything in one millisecond. You. You. You. You are outrageously powerful, and here with me every second of my day. There’s nothing I need to hide from You, even if I could, because You get me. You get why we have wayward thoughts and feelings. You can heal them and set them straight in a moment, as soon as we turn to You.

I confess that I allow depression to make more of an impression that it really needs to. I resist the thoughts that lead to my feeling defeated, instead of just laying them at Your feet. I confess that I’ve built patterns and habits that lead to that defeated feeling, when You have called me to live in vibrant victory. I confess that I have not been thriving, but allowing the one who came to steal, kill, and destroy to have his way with my life.

THANK YOU for the gift of depression. Thank You that it leads me into deep rest for my soul. Thank You for Your healing power. Thank You for the internet and electricity and our laptop, and for the ability to reach out to the world and communicate, to share my heart and soul with the global family. Thank You for the real-life friendship circle that is building around me. Thank You for the mending of our relationship after the fight with Gramma. Thank You for miracles.

Please guide today to make it all it can be. Redeem these hours. Lead us into Your presence and set our feet firmly on the paths You would have us walk. Please keep the children strong and healthy as we head into the thickest part of Halloween week. Please give us wisdom and inspiration and guide us in our creation of the Discipline Junkies project, and my work on the marriage journey for the Mommy Launch Pad. Please give us the knowledge of how best to use the disciplines to position ourselves at your feet so that we can receive You and Your goodness. THANK YOU!!!!

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

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