What would a Financial Ambassador from the Kingdom look like?

Good Morning, Abba. You are the unexplainable, invisible force holding every particle of this Universe together. And somehow You’re also a Being with personality. You are so much more and greater than I can ever comprehend with my human mind. You love me more than I can ever understand. You’re bigger than the largest planet and right here in my heart. I breathe Your Spirit. I live and move in an ocean of Your love. You are everywhere, always. And there is nothing good You can’t do.

I confess that I have grown comfortable and self-absorbed and I have no passion for Your purposes. I want to be about Your business, but I don’t even know how to do that in this world. I don’t know how to be an ambassador of a place I’ve never visited. And I confess that I don’t really know Jesus anymore, and I’ve allowed our relationship to drift. I don’t know what I believe exactly, and I’m not even really trying to sort it out.

Thank You for my beautiful, healthy, happy children. Thank You for this new school that opened up as a possibility for Ben. Thank You for Your steadfastness, independent of my performance. Thank You for my husband and that we’re getting along better now. Thank You for grace and forgiveness and the maturing process. Thank You for the reconciliation with Gramma as well, and for the Manna Room and the CalWorks & CalFresh on the way. Thank You for this crazy season and for the people we’ll be able to minister to as a result.

Please teach us wisdom in finances so that we can teach our children and others a better way. Please build a financial education ministry through which we can serve and rescue those being led away to slaughter. Please bring us into community with the friends and mentors that will round out our tribe and be our family for the next season. Thank You!

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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