How to Handle My Husband’s Unholy Humor

Happy November, Abba! The time just keeps rolling along. Soon it will be the Christmas season and we’ll get to celebrate You in such a fun way. For now, we’ll focus on Thanksgiving and enjoy an entire month of giving thanks for how great You are. 😉 You are so magnificent, You call each star by name. You know every square inch of this Universe like the back of Your hand, because You masterminded every last detail of it! You even know exactly what’s in every black hole. To You there are no mysteries, yet You never get bored. You still see the magic in everything, because Your childlikeness and innocence are everlastling. Every sunset is like a brand new experience. You never get tired, never run out of patience, never give up. You love us fiercely every second of every day, no matter how childish or hateful we’re being. You find us absolutely adorable, and You overlook our offenses.

I confess that my offenses are many. I confess that I am quick to be offended by my husband’s sense of humor and to sit in judgment against him, finding fault with the way he teases me. Thinking he “shouldn’t” talk to his wife that way. Completely ignoring the fact that it’s an indicator of great pain inside of him—Hurt people hurt people. I confess that I hardly ever remember to pray for him or build him up in a way that would help him to actually be ABLE to treat me the way I know he genuinely wants to treat me. I confess that I have been disobedient to Your command in 1 Peter 3:1 that I submit to him so that he may be won over without words by the behavior of his wife.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for my adorable and super-creative new girlfriend and our hangout time yesterday. Thank You that she is so open-minded and open-hearted and that I can be so radically honest with her, and yet she’s still someone that I like and respect. That is so completely refreshing, I feel like I have a new lease on life. Thank You for her level of commitment to You and her 777 days of… what shall we call it? Thank You that I get to join her for the last 717 days. Thank You for this season of Thanksgiving!! Thank You for our tribe, our family, the secondary tribe building so quickly at Hope Hollywood, and all the resources that are flowing into our lives right now, from food and clothing to friends and connections and opportunities. Thank You for the Art of Money mastermind group and for what this next year—taking the full course—is going to do in us and for us. Thank You so much that Ian is also on a path of financial education and that our paths are finally veering toward each other. Thank You for the ministry You are birthing through us. Thank You for the sweet sweet hearts at Hope Hollywood and how much they love to serve You and the poor. Thank You for this laptop and that soon we will have consistent internet service AND free cellphone service! We are so so so so so so so so blessed.

Please give me the power to actually follow through on all the projects I mean to do this week, like setting up a Praying Wives Club/mommy mastermind group with two of my mamapreneur friends, and growing the Discipline Junkies group, and offering actual bliss detective/coaching services on my website so I can actually bring in real financial support for my family. Please give me the strength and wisdom to resist temptation today and not overeat sweets and get fuzzy-headed so that I can’t connect with people as I greet them at church. Please instead give me clear-headed presence so that I can offer a safe and loving space for people as they drop their children off for kids church. May I radiate Your love and grace and be Your arms and hands. Speak through me to bless each person I come in contact with today. Please bless our pastoral team and all the volunteers getting ready to serve all across our beautiful city this morning. Let them know that You love them and appreciate their work, and quicken their hearts to be all about You & Your Kingdom and not about anything to do with the world that’s fading away. Unite Your church to celebrate You together, melting away any division or separation. May we see You and be united in love for You and Your lost children.

In Jesus’ powerful name I pray, amen!

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