Prayer flags on Renjo La

Prayer flags on Renjo La (Photo credit: Oliphant)

The Prayer Jar is a PLOG (prayer log) dedicated to chronicling my adventures in the realm of prayer.

My poetic husband said:

“It will document for the world to see
How radical our life can be
When we give it to God in prayer.” šŸ™‚

My mission is to inspire, uplift, empower and en-COURAGE you to stress less and spend more time + energy on life’s greatest, most powerful (and eternally significant) past-time: PRAYER, while also helping to make it more fun, appealing, and easy (who decided we get extra credit in life by NOT enjoying ourselves?!).

For more on the power of prayer, check out any of the “Power of a Praying (Wife, Parent, Husband, etc.)” books by Stormie Omartian. Her book for wives got me through my first year of marriage! Seriously. Lots of time spent on my knees in our tiny little honeymoon bungalow’s even tinier bathroom, poring over the pages of that book.Ā Also, Liberty Savard’s “Shattering Your Strongholds” has been enormously helpful–and POWERFUL–in my own journey. Ā More recently, Gregg Braden’s books, including The Isaiah Effect and The Lost Mode of Prayer, have been indispensable for understanding the most powerful way to pray.


As for the nitty-gritty of why I pray the way I do, I usually just follow the ACTS prayer format, which stands for:

Adoration (remember why I love and serve the Creator and Much Higher Power)

Confession (remembering what I’ve done lately that I’m not proud of, where I’ve missed the point of True Life)

Thanksgiving (expressing gratitude for all the millions of blessings I experience every day)

Supplication (a big word that means this is the part where we ASK for what we need or want)

I didn’t come up with this format, but my ADD, all-over-the place brain really appreciates the structure, and it helps me focus.


And why do I call God “Abba” (it’s spelled like the band name but rhymes with Jabba, as in the Hutt)? Old habits die hard. It means “Daddy” (in Arameic, I think, which is apparently one of the languages Jesus spoke), and while I struggle with theĀ division created by using a masculine name and ignoring God’s feminine nature, it does help me feel closer to God to think of Him as “Daddy.” Plus I was raised by the children of Baptist missionaries and preachers, so it also reminds me of my roots.


Praying is just talking to our Higher Power, so however you do it, it’s always right, and usually the most powerful thing you can do in any situation.

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