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When Falsely Accused: Violent Hatred or Graceful Trust?

Abba, You are so much bigger than any human drama. You have had Your name dragged through the mud millions of times. You are well-acquainted with false accusations. You manage to love people even as they are speaking filthy lies about You. You are incredible. You are amazing. You are so infinitely above and beyond.

I confess that I well up with violence and hatred in the face of false accusations. I brim with self-righteous defensiveness. I seethe and inwardly rage and wish for revenge. I want to hurt and harm. I “know” that my accuser is broken inside and incapable of understanding the truth, but I am unable to love her anyway. On my own, I can only return hate for hate. You must remove my heart of stone and give me Your heart in its place.

Thank You that with You anything is possible. Thank You for this opportunity to grow, to have my heart exponentially expanded by the experience. Thank You for the chance to turn to You for something that is so much bigger than me. Thank You that You can and will–and already HAVE–overcome this and all other problems of the human condition. Thank You for Gramma and her generosity. Thank You for my beautiful children. Thank You for my supportive husband. Thank You for the grace to get through this time. To THRIVE through this time. Thank You that this too shall pass. Eventually we will be in our own home, and then in Heaven with You, leaving all our human suffering behind for good.

Please give me extra grace today. Soften my heart. Give me Your perspective on the situation. Help me to breathe and not jump into reaction mode. Help me to set a great example for my kids. Please guide my actions, my words, my thoughts, and my entire life. Show me how to crawl up into Your lap and let You take over. And show me where I need to grab the wheel or pick up a hammer and build. Help me to remember that I am an ambassador of Your Kingdom, and it is my job to display unconditional love in the face of any mistreatment. Show me how to do that!!! Help me to trust You and place my hope and comfort in You in the midst of battle and attack.

You are amazing. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

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