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Golden Day Gratitudes

Thank You, Abba, for this golden day.

Thank You that I was up at 5 once again, even though I went to bed at midnight.

Thank You that I will get to make up for lost sleep with a beautiful NAP this afternoon. 😉

Thank You for Winston Churchill setting the example of great leadership through intentional napping.

Thank You for the excellent hangout time with true friends yesterday at the park, for our kids getting to truly play in nature while we got to have real conversation about dreams and passions and plans and books.

Thank You for waking me up from my deep rest slumber and giving me Chinese New Year’s as a way to still kickstart my year with a bang even though I’m getting a late start.

Thank You for the increasing clarity about my purpose and the new vision for Panda Journal (or something like it), where I can promote friends’ writings and pull it all together in one happy place.

Thank You for my fantastic Tribe of Girlfriends and the upcoming collage card party, where we can share inspiration, dream together, laugh, cry, celebrate, plan, wonder, create and collaborate.

Thank You so much for Ian taking Freedom with him on the drive to drop Ben off at school, so I could get a little more focused work time in. Thank You for Ben’s adorable school and that he has the opportunity to be a light there in those lives. Thank You for his wonderful teacher and all of his friends. Thank You for the “cool tools” they teach at that school, and for non-violent communication and mindfulness.

Thank You for prayer and gratitude and the power of love and the feeling of overwhelming Joy + Life bubbling in my heart right now. I could write gratitudes all day long, there are just so many things to thank You for.

And thank You for the breakthrough last night (even if it did require a bit of saké) to sweetness with Gramma last night, being able to say “thank you” to her and for her being able to actually hear and receive it.

Thank You for Ian’s enthusiasm and excitement, and for this season of hope.

Thank You for the fantastic trio so far of intentions & themes for 2015, beginning with PRAYER, dance in the middle, and finishing with permission to rock my marriage with training in tantra. This can only end in ridiculously fun adventure. You are worthy of every ounce of praise. I worship You. I adore You. Thank You.

In the name of Emmanuel I pray, amen!

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The Life I’ve Always Wanted + Remembering to Sing

Abba, You are the inventor of Thanksgiving. You create a million new reasons for us to give thanks every day. And You dwell in gratitude always. You deserve more gratitude than we could ever muster, and You’re infinitely patient and loving with us even when we’re ungrateful and whiny.

I confess that I have not once remembered to pray and give thanks before, during, or after a meal at the Manna Room. Horrors! I’ve been caught up in the food and what people were thinking of us and getting settled and talking to people, and totally left You out of the equation!

Thank You for your grace and mercy and gentleness. Thank You for not being angry or disgusted with me about it. And THANK YOU for second chances (and 222nd chances!). Thank You for bringing this to my attention, and thank You for the good it will bring about when we DO start singing our prayer song at every meal. Thank You for the absolutely bottomless list of blessings I could be thanking You for right now. Thank You thank You thank You thank You thank You thank You thank YOU! Thank You for my life exactly as it is right now, and thank You answering my prayer and doing “whatever it takes” to get me to this place. It is exactly where I’ve always wanted to be. 🙂

Please help me remember to sing the prayer with the kids this morning and every meal. Please help me remember to pray ALWAYS. Please keep us in a spirit of Thanksgiving today, and orchestrate an incredible first meeting of the Tribe of Girlfriends Inner Circle this weekend IF that would glorify and please You. Please make me such a woman of prayer that it’s what I’m most known for. 🙂

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!

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