our FREE wedding

one of my earliest–and to this date, most exciting–experiences with the prayer jar:

my amazing gift-from-God hubby + i had recently gotten engaged (on a balmy Christmas morning in Malibu, accompanied by a thousand dolphins–no kidding–and a gorgeous west-coast sunrise, thanks to Malibu’s unusual geographical-ness) and were antsy to get on with the rest of our lives.  probably had a little to do with the fact that we were “saving ourselves” for marriage and were tired of the heartache at “goodbye” every night.  when you’ve spent your life dreaming about finding “the one” and living happily every after, and now you’ve finally found him, you want to get to that ever-after-ness asap.  it’s part of the Great American Dream and the hurry-sickness of our culture.  not proud of it, but it was nonetheless true and this story wouldn’t exist without it.  had i been patient and waited for “God’s perfect timing,” things would have gone differently, FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE.  (remember those words!)

Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in Love

(Photo credit: epSos.de)

since we were both creative dreamers, we envisioned a pretty magical wedding, and quickly realized we didn’t have the income or savings to pull it off.  not even if we worked our bums off and saved every penny for the next year, which we weren’t even close to being willing to do (remember, we were “saving ourselves”–hormones were racing at the speed of youth!), would we be able to put together a celebration half as spectacular as our high standards demanded.

so i wrote down “get married sooner” on a scrap of paper, and wrote a few dates that i found acceptable (i was really into numbers at the time.  still kind of am), and put it in the jar.  the latest possible date was in may or june (can’t remember now, almost 9 years later), and this was early january when i wrote down that prayer and stuck it in the jar.

long story short: while attending the free bridal expo at the staples center, we were chased down by a scouting producer, and got married in a gorgeous wedding ceremony COMPLETELY FREE on the TLC reality show “For Better or for Worse” on April 13, less than 4 months after getting engaged!  😉  God is good.

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