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Prayer for Taking the Ground of the Day

I just DANCED this prayer this morning as a way to wake up, integrate, and align my body (that sensuality thing again), mind and spirit, and it was POWERFUL! I just opened the page and then expanded it to make the print huge enough that I could see it while standing a few feet away (with room to move), and then I interpretive-danced it, shaking off all the accumulated baggage from the past, etc. SO FUN. wanted to share it with you so you could give it a try.

If anyone has a SONG that you recommend setting this to (instrumental, of course), please post it in the comments or shoot me an email—-we could actually create a YouTube video with the music and the words together–that would be powerful!

The Prayer Jar

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I give my entire day to You, binding all that I am to all that You are–heart, body, mind and spirit–for Your perfect will to be done today in my life.

I loose from myself all accumulated baggage from the past–old resentments, negative reactions and memories, defense mechanisms and attitudes that have become strongholds in my life. Whatever is loosed in Heaven I choose to loose on earth.

Taking a spiritual shower as I take a natural one (Hebrew 10:22), I ask You to make the water holy (John 5:7) and to bless the water for cleansing and healing.

I ask that You would baptize me anew in the fire and light of Your Holy Spirit inside and out (Matthew 3:11).

As I dress for the day, I put on the garment of praise (think of at least 3 things you can honestly praise God for, and genuinely thank Him…

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In This World as an Ambassador of Your World

Abba, You are the Creator of everything on earth and in outer space. You invented humans, mountains, oceans, planets, creatures, water, light, energy, and emotions. There is nothing You can’t do, nothing You don’t know.

I confess that I’m a mess. I want You and only You in the morning and the evening. You’re the bookends of my day. But all day long, I think of nothing but earth and business and “success.”

Thank You that You can overcome this divide. You can build a bridge and network of connections to bring the two worlds together. So that I can be IN the world while OF Your World.

Please make this happen today. Bring Your World into my daily grind. Remind me of You during the day. Show me how I can integrate the spiritual disciplines into my secular business day. Remind me that nothing is secular. Teach me what it means to be an ambassador of Heaven when I’ve never actually been there!

I love You. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!

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