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Minimal Effective Dose Reached–HALLELUJAH!!!

glimpse of heaven


YOU. ARE. (I pause in Your Presence…) O Holy, Radiant, Exalted One, Most High, Creator of all Universes ever in existence, Being without end or beginning, Your Glory is incomparable and unexplainable. Your ways are so infinitely beyond our ways. Your timing is impeccable perfection. Your guidance and Presence are more magnificent than an entire planet made of sparkling diamonds. Your Heavenly Sanctuary is the only place worth being.

I confess that I have lived 34 (of my 38) years “knowing” You, yet barely knowing You at all. Restless but sedate and content with milk. Occasionally hungry for more, but not ravenous enough to do whatever it takes to push past all resistance and break through the fog of complacency into the very Presence. The veil may have been torn on “Good Friday,” making it possible for common man (and not just the High Priest) to enter the Holy of Holies, but it wasn’t destroyed. We still have to choose to pass through the veil to stand before You. And I confess that THAT is all I want now.

THANK YOU!!!!! Oh sweet Jesus, Heavenly Father, and Holy Spirit, THANK YOU. Thank You for Your perfect timing, for my many messages in the night, for getting me up at 5 a.m. once again, for my amazing girlfriends #LOL, for the power of prayer, for allowing me to Hear from You, that You’ve always wanted me to hear from You, for the clarity regarding my next steps with social entrepreneurship and business, for that not being the pinnacle but only a sidebar, for my perfectly supportive husband and absolutely sublime children, for this one life, for the Passion translation, for Psalms, for giving me even the teensiest taste of Your Glory. Thank You that while I may not have experienced a “breakthrough” during my one-hour prayer-and-seeking-Your-voice session yesterday, my breakthrough did come in the night as I lay in bed. And thank You for Lorrie’s guidance and encouragement about how to hear Your voice, Kori’s prayers, and Ian’s willingness to watch the kids while it all went down.

Please, I beg You, be the Lord of my Life today. Surround me with Your wrap-around presence and fill me completely with Your Holy Spirit. Please baptize me in the all-consuming flame of Your Love. Fan this fire, keep it burning bright, remind me of You a zillion times an hour, and keep me on a very short leash. May the words of my mouth and every thought in my mind be a pleasant fragrance to You, my Love and my Life.

In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen and so it is! 🙂

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Breaking Through to Clarity

Abba, Light, Love, Creator of All Things,

You are the One Who keeps my heart beating. You give me hope to carry on when all seems lost. You love me even when I’m an absolute mess. You invented the idea of beauty, laughter, romance, and adventure. You’re bigger than the universe and present within every cell of my body. You fill every space with Your incredible energy and love and fire.

I confess that I live most of the day with complete ignorance. Unaware of Your presence. Unfocused. Distracted by 10,000 things. Self-obsessed. Worried about my own little needs and comforts and slights and wants. I confess that I don’t live like a citizen of Heaven at all. I confess that I pass judgment on and find fault with Your sweet children. That I even hate and despise some of them sometimes. I confess that I can be extremely negative and mean.

THANK YOU that You break through all of that. Thank You that You answer prayer in Your time. Thank you that I woke up this morning totally getting what it is that I want to launch–even though it seems like such a selfish venture, I know that You are involved. I knew in that early morning pure energy when I sat up and looked at the clock at 5:02 and suddenly got it–and it felt so much more like a remembering. Like all this time I’d been waiting for an answer that I already knew! I mean, it’s right there in my list of “why’s” and I somehow didn’t see it. Thank You for reminding me that what I’m launching isn’t a coaching service people will pay me for so much as a VIDEO HOSTING CAREER. That’s what I’ve been wanting to do since I was 5! Thank You for allowing me to do that. Thank you for my amazing family and my magical children. Thank You for Ian and our friendship and marriage. Thank You for his support and his practical side, which often comes across as a Threshold Guardian–as in, “Are you sure you want this, Amanda?” 🙂

Please PLEASE guide and shape this venture. Keep me on a short leash, Abba, so I don’t run off on any tangents or get sucked into any distracted, self-obsessed eddies and miss the flow of Life. THANK YOU!!! Please keep me on my knees in gratitude. Please bring me the support tribe I need and with whom I can reciprocate and support in their projects. Please open Ian’s eyes to see exactly what his path and next steps are. Please shower us with Your favor and grace today. Give me the grace to be loving and compassionate with Gramma–downright in love with her and aware of her adorable-ness–and gentle and nurturing with my amazing children. And strong and loving with Ian. And helpful and inspiring to the other moms at park day. May we find fantastic friends and build our tribe. And may all our ventures–including this video career–magnify and glorify YOU.

In Jesus’ name and by the power of His blood, Amen! 🙂

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