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Minimal Effective Dose Reached–HALLELUJAH!!!

glimpse of heaven


YOU. ARE. (I pause in Your Presence…) O Holy, Radiant, Exalted One, Most High, Creator of all Universes ever in existence, Being without end or beginning, Your Glory is incomparable and unexplainable. Your ways are so infinitely beyond our ways. Your timing is impeccable perfection. Your guidance and Presence are more magnificent than an entire planet made of sparkling diamonds. Your Heavenly Sanctuary is the only place worth being.

I confess that I have lived 34 (of my 38) years “knowing” You, yet barely knowing You at all. Restless but sedate and content with milk. Occasionally hungry for more, but not ravenous enough to do whatever it takes to push past all resistance and break through the fog of complacency into the very Presence. The veil may have been torn on “Good Friday,” making it possible for common man (and not just the High Priest) to enter the Holy of Holies, but it wasn’t destroyed. We still have to choose to pass through the veil to stand before You. And I confess that THAT is all I want now.

THANK YOU!!!!! Oh sweet Jesus, Heavenly Father, and Holy Spirit, THANK YOU. Thank You for Your perfect timing, for my many messages in the night, for getting me up at 5 a.m. once again, for my amazing girlfriends #LOL, for the power of prayer, for allowing me to Hear from You, that You’ve always wanted me to hear from You, for the clarity regarding my next steps with social entrepreneurship and business, for that not being the pinnacle but only a sidebar, for my perfectly supportive husband and absolutely sublime children, for this one life, for the Passion translation, for Psalms, for giving me even the teensiest taste of Your Glory. Thank You that while I may not have experienced a “breakthrough” during my one-hour prayer-and-seeking-Your-voice session yesterday, my breakthrough did come in the night as I lay in bed. And thank You for Lorrie’s guidance and encouragement about how to hear Your voice, Kori’s prayers, and Ian’s willingness to watch the kids while it all went down.

Please, I beg You, be the Lord of my Life today. Surround me with Your wrap-around presence and fill me completely with Your Holy Spirit. Please baptize me in the all-consuming flame of Your Love. Fan this fire, keep it burning bright, remind me of You a zillion times an hour, and keep me on a very short leash. May the words of my mouth and every thought in my mind be a pleasant fragrance to You, my Love and my Life.

In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen and so it is! 🙂

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Grumbling in the Desert



You are the Great Creator. The Brilliant Author. The Genius Artist. The One with Impeccable Timing. So much higher and wiser than I. So much more loving and tender and kind. So faithful and beyond reproach. You are in perfect control, and that means that everything is as it should be.

I confess that I am the Israelites grumbling in the desert, tired of my circumstances, tired of the same food over and over, the same day again and again, craving adventure and variety and travel and just something else. I’m not feeling grateful, but stuck.

Thank You for Your mercies and tenderness and love. Thank You for new beginnings. Thank You for a week of rest, even if what we’d wanted was a camping trip with our friends to create a deeper bond. Thank You that You may very well have an adventure right around the corner for us. Thank You that You brought me a friend who can listen in the Spirit for me like Eli could tell Samuel that the Voice was from You. Thank You that my husband and I are both in the same place of feeling ready to move on from our current strange place in life. Thank You that You will guide us one step at a time.

Please fill our hearts with Your light and love. Please give me extra grace to go back to the Manna Room–lice and food poisoning have definitely taken some of the glow away for me. Please bring Ian work that satisfies and pays well and godly friends with whom he can share his deepest self. And please direct us to a new place to live, a place to start over, start fresh, start anew. A place where we can live for You, shine Your light, be a city on a hill, and bring You glory.

In Jesus’ perfect name we pray, amen!

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