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Unexplainable Answered Prayers + Found Treasures

Lately we’ve been experiencing a FLOOD of found treasures.

My husband taught our 5-year-old daughter, who lost her winter coat last year, to ride a “big girl” bike. I honestly did not even think about the fact that now she was going to need a helmet. A couple days later, spread across the middle of the busy street near the house where we live, he found a spotless hot pink down vest (exactly her size) AND a pristine girl’s bike helmet decorated with pink hearts.

We’d been watching yard sales and Craigslist for a cheap stroller or high chair ever since our 9-month-old son was old enough to use either of them. Nothing. Then last week my husband needed to use the family car to help someone move, so my children and I walked the .9 miles to the little church that feeds the hungry and homeless twice a day. After a delicious lunch, the sweet volunteers there offered us a bag of groceries (salads and sandwich wraps from Trader Joe’s!) to take home with us. As we walked back home, the baby in a sling on my hip, our 8-year-old helping me carry the groceries while I carried the diaper bag, I thought, “It sure would be nice to have a stroller. The baby would be riding in it and the bags would fit in the basket below.” When my husband returned at the end of the day, he brought with him not only a free stroller he’d found by the side of the road, but also a free high chair someone had left out for trash.

We also have received three separate bags full of hand-me-down clothes for our kiddos, just in time for the cold(er) weather for which we were ill-equipped, and two deliveries of free desperately needed clothes for mama–many of them with the tags still on. Not to mention all of our free meals and bags of high-quality groceries every week. We don’t ever spend money on food anymore!

My favorite answered prayer, though, is undoubtedly the massive influx of COMMUNITY we’ve been blessed with, after years of wandering in the desert as lone wolves, praying for community and a sense of belonging and just a few friends to do life with. Suddenly now we are a part of two different church tribes AND the beautiful group of semi-homeless and homeless folks that break bread together twice a day at the Manna Room food ministry. They absolutely love our children and are thrilled to see us coming. They brings us little (and not-so-little) gifts, like lamps and pretty dishes they find left out by the dumpster, because we’re the only people they know who live in a house. Our oldest son knows almost everyone there by name now, and every time we walk back to our car after eating and chatting with these amazing people, it feels like leaving family after a big celebration.

Truly, my cup runneth over. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You, Abba. You never cease to amaze and delight us. 😉

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I can FEEL the magic of a New Year coming


PEACE! (Photo credit: _snapies_)


what just happened? it feels like my HEART just got turned back on, like i’m suddenly set FREE and WILDLY ALIVE.


You are the One Who created all of this. You were not the one Who led me into temptation, but You were the One there with me all the way, whispering encouragement in my ear and my heart. You are PURE LOVE, complete JOY, overwhelming YES-ness. irrational OPTIMISM, impossible BEAUTY, and outrageous LAUGHTER.

i confess that i have been living in the dungeon, afraid of what my 2nd family thinks, going along with many of their judgments and not standing on Your TRUTH. i have been playing small.

THANK YOU for WAKING me up to this simple fact. THANK YOU that You don’t judge, and that You are unconditional loving acceptance. Thank You that You never condemn us, so I can live in FREEDOM, knowing that I am always safe and good and well. THANK YOU for the new life You’re leading us into, for the foster kids we get to love and serve and pray for and be with. thank You for the unity song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” at our old church CA last night. 😉

My request for today is that You would continue to guide me in this path, opening my eyes to the false imprisoning beliefs and habits and judgments that are holding me back from being everything i can be. Please also guard my heart and my mind, keeping me on the track of Eternal-mindedness, not caught up in the physical, visible details of life, but living in the Kingdom, seeing what’s real, experiencing the spiritual realities of love and purpose and relationship (instead of disappointed about physical things or too caught up in what our new apartment looks/smells like, etc.).

i love you. thank You for our new adventure.

Amen. and so it is.

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happy INDEPENDENCE day!!!

thank You, thank You, thank You, Abba.  thank You thank You thank You!!!!


free to be me!!!

for Independence Day–an opportunity every single year for us to spend a whole day remembering that you created us to be INDEPENDENT.  to be our own powerhouse, our own highest Authority under You and no one else.  to use the FREE will You created us with.

for FREE will!!!  what an extraordinary gift.

for gradually waking me up to the awareness of what free will really is and how to use it for the betterment of mankind (and myself in the process)

for my amazing, beautiful, magical munchkins and how perfect they are.  thank You for blessing me with the gift of motherhood and for the awareness that it IS a gift + a privilege + an honor.

for bringing me back into the blogging empire this morning, and for bringing me into this NEW FORMAT for praying + journalling together–ONLY GRATITUDE.

for the POWER of gratitude + the amazing changes i know it can’t help but bring about, changes i can’t even fathom right now.

for the books You’ve led me to over the years that have ingrained in me that power.

for mac computers, wireless internet, and the very existence of the Internet itself, free and easy-to-use sites like wordpress, the alphabet and written language, my keyboarding class in high school, and all the other things that went into my being able to share this prayer with the world today.

for loving me even when i’m anything but lovable.  for universal unconditional love.  for teaching me every day a little bit more what that means and making me more like You every day, even if i can’t see the change.

for my heart and for leading me to the inner ease technique and heart-breathing exercises that have made such a difference in my life these past few weeks.

thank You thank You thank You.  i love You.

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