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Minimal Effective Dose Reached–HALLELUJAH!!!

glimpse of heaven


YOU. ARE. (I pause in Your Presence…) O Holy, Radiant, Exalted One, Most High, Creator of all Universes ever in existence, Being without end or beginning, Your Glory is incomparable and unexplainable. Your ways are so infinitely beyond our ways. Your timing is impeccable perfection. Your guidance and Presence are more magnificent than an entire planet made of sparkling diamonds. Your Heavenly Sanctuary is the only place worth being.

I confess that I have lived 34 (of my 38) years “knowing” You, yet barely knowing You at all. Restless but sedate and content with milk. Occasionally hungry for more, but not ravenous enough to do whatever it takes to push past all resistance and break through the fog of complacency into the very Presence. The veil may have been torn on “Good Friday,” making it possible for common man (and not just the High Priest) to enter the Holy of Holies, but it wasn’t destroyed. We still have to choose to pass through the veil to stand before You. And I confess that THAT is all I want now.

THANK YOU!!!!! Oh sweet Jesus, Heavenly Father, and Holy Spirit, THANK YOU. Thank You for Your perfect timing, for my many messages in the night, for getting me up at 5 a.m. once again, for my amazing girlfriends #LOL, for the power of prayer, for allowing me to Hear from You, that You’ve always wanted me to hear from You, for the clarity regarding my next steps with social entrepreneurship and business, for that not being the pinnacle but only a sidebar, for my perfectly supportive husband and absolutely sublime children, for this one life, for the Passion translation, for Psalms, for giving me even the teensiest taste of Your Glory. Thank You that while I may not have experienced a “breakthrough” during my one-hour prayer-and-seeking-Your-voice session yesterday, my breakthrough did come in the night as I lay in bed. And thank You for Lorrie’s guidance and encouragement about how to hear Your voice, Kori’s prayers, and Ian’s willingness to watch the kids while it all went down.

Please, I beg You, be the Lord of my Life today. Surround me with Your wrap-around presence and fill me completely with Your Holy Spirit. Please baptize me in the all-consuming flame of Your Love. Fan this fire, keep it burning bright, remind me of You a zillion times an hour, and keep me on a very short leash. May the words of my mouth and every thought in my mind be a pleasant fragrance to You, my Love and my Life.

In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen and so it is! 🙂

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Ambassador with Amnesia Seeks an Eternal Intervention

Good Morning, Abba! You never slept last night. You aren’t saddled with the limitations of humanity. You don’t need anything. You are the endless, bottomless source of all energy and creativity and goodness.You cause the sun to shine and the rain to fall on everyone, regardless of what they do or how they treat You, Your children, and Your planet. Because You are the loving Father of all, even the “baddies.” You love them the same way I would love one of my own children who went astray, chose a different path, and started to hate me. I could never, ever, ever stop loving them for even one second, and yet I know my human love has its limits. Even now, I have the ability to quickly lose my patience with my sweet, innocent young children. Yet You never lose patience with us, not even when we’re at our worst level of guilt and we know exactly what we’re doing and still choose the path of hatred. Your love covers all wrongs. You are so much bigger than any crime we could ever commit. Your love is devastatingly powerful and all-forgiving. You overwhelm us with Your grace.

I confess that I want to want You more. I confess that I didn’t think of You even once at the party last night. Not once that I can remember. I just get so caught up in the social fun and being liked and making sure everyone is having a good time. But I never prayed, never thought about what was going on spiritually in the room, never lifted my eyes or mind above the things of man. I confess that I am caught up in this world and completely derelict in my service as an ambassador for Your Kingdom. I’m more concerned about being cute and looking good than about Your mission. And I confess that I’ve returned to my old habit of taking things personally and not doing my absolute best at things. I’ve become mediocre and offendable. And now I’m dripping with self-loathing, which is of course more not-focusing-on-You!

THANK YOU for Grace. Thank You for reminding me of the agreements, and that I don’t need to take anything personally, because nothing ever is. Thank You for reminding me to pray on my way to any social event, pray throughout my day, pray about everything, pray without ceasing. Thank You for reminding me that I am an ambassador of Your Kingdom!!! Thank You that You will bring into my life the kind of mentor and spiritual director who can help me understand that calling and weed out the tangles in my own life that are getting in the way of my fulfilling that mission. Thank You for our growing community and tribe. Thank You for Monday night birthday parties. Thank You for the Manna Room and all the people who so cheerfully serve there. Thank You for Mosaic and all the fun we have there. Thank You for this Life in all its magic.

Please send me a zillion reminders and wake-up calls today. Please keep me on the Path and give me a good buzz (like an electric fence) or nudge when I start to wander off. Please give me wisdom as to how to teach the spiritual disciplines to our kids. Please teach me what being an Ambassador of Your Kingdom looks like and how to do it well. Please bless the work of Ian’s hands and guide him in Eternal productivity today. Please also guide my work today and give me supernatural wisdom and speed. Please ripen our hearts and break through our resistance and our blocks and our habits that prevent us from living the Kingdom Life NOW. May Heaven burst forth into our life today, and may our old things-of-man life be completely eclipsed by the Presence. Yes yes YES!!!

In Jesus’ powerful name I pray, amen! And so it is.

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