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Sibling Rivalry Dissolved Through Prayer

siblings chasing bigger

As parents of more than one, sibling rivalry can be one of our greatest challenges. Lucky for us, we don’t have to read every book on the market for strategies to deal with it–we can just go straight to the Source of Peace and Reconciliation and request a miracle, then watch God work His magic. 😉


I pray for my children and their relationship with all family members. Protect and preserve them from any unresolved or permanent breach. Fill their hearts with Your love and give them an abundance of compassion and forgiveness that will overflow to each member of the family. Specifically, I pray for a close, happy, loving, and fulfilling relationship between __(name of child)___ and ___(name of family member)___ for all the days of their lives. May there always be good communication between them and may unforgiveness have no root in their hearts. Help them to love, value, appreciate, and respect one another so that the God-ordained tie between them cannot be broken. I pray according to Your Word, that they “be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another” (Romans 12:10).

Teach my children to resolve misunderstandings according to Your Word. And if any division has already begun, if any relationship is strained or severed, Lord, I pray that You will drive out the wedge of division and bring healing. I pray that there be no strain, breach, misunderstanding, arguing, fighting, or separating of ties. Give them a heart of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Your Word instructs us to “be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous” (1 Peter 3:8). Help my children to live accordingly, “endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3). In Jesus’ name I pray that You would instill a love and compassion in my children for all family members that is strong and unending, like a cord that cannot be broken.

Thank You, Jesus! Amen.

from the “Maintaining Good Family Relationships” chapter of Stormie Omartian’s The Power of a Praying Parent

(could also be used to dissolve conflict between a child & parent or any other family member, just fill in the blank)

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Sucked Back into the Vortex——-Help!

Abba, Light, Love,

Good morning to the Maker of all this magic. You didn’t sleep a wink last night or ever, because You never need a pause. The everlasting Almighty Master Creator, infinitely beyond all I can comprehend or even imagine. Greater than all the galaxies combined. Your sense of humor is out of this world, and Your ability to see the best in everything is unlimited. There is nothing You can’t redeem, nothing You can’t use for Your own glory. You are busily setting everything right all the time, patiently and gently guiding the course of history and calling our hearts back to You.

I confess that my heart strays so far. I am an expert at image management. I spin everything to make myself look good, to make others look bad, to make life go the way I want it to. I play judge; I play God. And I am so infinitely far from being capable, qualified, or worthy of that position. Who am I? What do I know? Nothing! I confess that I let so many ridiculously less-wild and less-fulfilling lovers steal my attention away from You. I use food to numb the boredom I feel in my life instead of turning to You and allowing You to call me into Your grand adventure. I want to want You more. Above all. Fiercely. I confess that yesterday after I felt so ablaze for you, I checked my Facebook account and the news that the mastermind group wanted me to lead them completely sucked me back into that vortex. I confess that I don’t know how to balance my life in the world and my responsibilities there with my life lived for You and with You.

Thank You that You are not baffled by this problem. Thank You for Who You are in Your infinite wisdom. Thank You that You are guiding me, shaping me, and that You will continue the good work You’ve begun in me. Thank You for Your patience and love. Thank You for my amazing family. Thank You for smoothing things over with Gramma yesterday. Thank You for Your grace and mercy. Thank You for the Manna Room and the delicious free meals You provide for so many. Thank You for the help I know is coming for my husband and his struggles to get work and provide for our family. Thank You for Your infinite abundance available to us, and thank You that You are teaching us how to tap into that and stay connected to You as our Source. THANK YOU for the prayer time Linda and I are going to have this afternoon, and for Your incredible power coming into our lives to disrupt life-as-usual and set our life in a new Heaven-focused direction.

Please guide us in our businesses–what to do or even if to do them at all. They take up so much of our time and attention, so if they are unnecessary, please make that clear. And if there’s some way to make them more about You, please make that obvious also. Please give me wisdom as to how to connect with Elizabeth and parent her in a way that brings her to life and heals her pain and helps her to become all she can be. Please heal the brokenhearted all over the planet and awaken all hearts to do what needs to be done to speed the coming of Your Kingdom. May Your will be done today, Abba. And today, may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasant to You, my Rock and my Redeemer. THANK YOU!

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