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Please Let This Radical Gratitude Spread!

Abba, You invented Thanksgiving. You are radical Gratitude. You rejoice always, are always in communion with yourself (and therefore The Good and Beautiful), and are thankful in all circumstances. And You desire that same experience for us! What a beautiful plan You created!

I confess that I’m not always joyful, that I frequently find fault with life and with people (including myself), I rarely remember to pray (much less continuously!), and I don’t give thanks in circumstances that feel frustrating or annoying.

But I THANK YOU that I am becoming more and more grateful, and that my current life circumstances haven’t gotten the best of me. Thank You for working in me both to WANT to be more thankful, and to actually become so. Thank You for how utterly grateful I feel (in comparison to my old self or anyone else I’ve ever met), and for the miracles required to get me here. Thank You for this week of Thanksgiving.

I pray that every person on this planet would get to experience–even if it’s just for a few minutes–how I feel right now. I pray that the veil of complacency or complaining would be lifted from their eyes and they would be able to see how amazing their life is, and feel truly grateful for all that they have. I also pray that You would lead our little family into worship, and help us find ways to turn the pop music the kids love into worship, so that the words running through our minds would lift our thoughts to You and Your Kingdom. Thank You! Also please continue re-shaping me so that even my husband’s impishness would be adorable to me, or at least an obvious opportunity for me to practice radical gratitude. 😉

In Jesus’ perfect name I pray, amen!

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Seeking First the Unconditionality of God

Abba, You are Eternal and Majestic. Everywhere at once. All-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful. You invented all of this, from our brains to the rain, from emotions to the oceans. You created the very idea of weather and beauty and nature and Life. You gave us breath, created our spirits, and invented language. You are so beyond anything I could ever comprehend. You are endlessly loving and kind, and You go above and beyond showering us with gifts every day. You don’t take it personally when we don’t notice. You just keep loving and giving because that’s Who You are. You forgive us completely and wipe the slate clean over and over and over. YOU adore US!

I confess that I have NOT been seeking first the Kingdom. I’d honestly forgotten about that verse all together. It wasn’t until I was meditating on the free gifts You sent us yesterday, wondering so ridiculously what I’d done “right” in order to deserve them, when I realized they were just a grace, just a gift. I confess that subconsciously, where I can’t completely access and change those thoughts, I must still think that I have to EARN Your favor. I’m still playing the good little girl and trying to please You. I still don’t understand Your radical unconditional love. And I confess that I’m NOT practicing the spiritual disciplines that would enable those subconscious changes to happen, not placing myself at Your feet and in Your presence often enough for You to get any real work done on growing and healing my spirit.

THANK YOU for Your unconditionality, even if I don’t understand it and can’t receive it fully. Thank You for the free stroller and high chair we so badly needed! Thank You for giving me the energy and motivation to clean the house yesterday, so I can feel sane again inside these walls. Thank You for the kids’ great attitude about helping out, even if they DID need to nap in the middle. 😉 Thank You so much for the Manna Room and our adorable friends there. Thank You for this season of poverty and the many gifts it has brought. Thank You for all the free food in our fridge to get us through the weekend. Thank You for parents’ night tonight.

Please bless the work of our minds today as we plan out this evening–give us extra favor and grace to pull it off in a way that blesses everyone involved and makes huge advances in relationship and connection among the Mosaic parents. May we all leave this evening feeling like it was one of the best nights of our lives, and may lasting friendships be built and strengthened. Please also help me to build a Discipline Junkie community that can grow in the spiritual disciplines together and sharpen each other, encourage one another toward more focus on You and more practicing the things that will actually make the biggest difference in our lives. Remind me to seek You and Your Kingdom and righteousness first, and teach me again what that even looks like in my specific circumstances. Please make me like You–loving EVERYONE UNCONDITIONALLY. Thank You for Your patience!

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!

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Rogue Warrior (Prayer Warrior, that is)

Good Morning, Mr. Abba!

You are God! You are beyond comprehension. You are eternal and forever and everywhere and all-knowing. You are the One Who created all this. You invented the idea of Life itself. You invented human beings and all animals. There’s nothing You don’t understand, nothing that confuses You, nothing that You take personally. You love all of us, all the time. You ARE love. You forgive everything. You understand that we don’t know what we’re doing, so You don’t hold a grudge. You offer all of us grace and mercy and a chance to try again. You never grow old, but always maintain a childlike optimism.

I confess that I am self-obsessed and “success”-obsessed. My idea of success is ridiculously small and earth-bound. I spend almost no time in prayer, when I know very well it’s the most important thing I do all day. I confess that while I know I have the power to actually help the people in my life and to make a difference and to potentially heal their relationships, I don’t take the time to do it. That’s disgusting.

Thank You that You’ve brought this to my attention. Thank You that You are patient and not angry. Thank You that You will help me to remedy this situation and make the time to pray for my loved ones. To rescue those being led away to slaughter. To take my spiritual power and calling seriously. To live as if Heaven is even more real than earth. To live as an ambassador of Your Kingdom. Thank You for my beautiful family and friends. Thank You for the Manna Room and CalWorks and the breakthrough You worked in me to be able to be honest and vulnerable and reach out to ask for and receive help. Thank You for the compassion and empathy this period of poverty has created in me.

I ask that You would bring a spiritual mentor into my life who can help me stay on track with prayer and help me take that part of my life seriously. Please speak to my husband and give him a clear vision for our future and for how best to be spending our time now. Please give him strength and courage and mentors and friends who speak into his life. Please also give me a circle of girlfriends who can do the same for me. And a community circle for our family–other families we can do life with. Please cut the fat off of my “work” time and give me a laser-focus to get done the essentials every day. Please provide the work that will enable us to get a home of our own here or elsewhere. A home where we can bless others by hosting them for meals, workshops, or even weekends and week-long vacations. Thank You!

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!!

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