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Living Lightly Here on Earth

Good Morning, Abba. Happy Friday! You created the whole idea of cycles and weeks and time. You perfectly orchestrated everything to show us how nature works, so we can recognize the cycles and have something by which to structure our understanding of time and experience some measure of predictability. You are the master of all chaos, the creator of black holes, the One Who knows the answers to all our mysteries. You are the Ancient One. You existed before any of this was ever here, and You’ll be here long after it’s all gone. You are forever. Unchanging. Perfect. Complete.

I confess that I am a tiny little human with grand ideas of my own importance. I confess that I know almost nothing about the universe and yet I take myself and my insignificant little life very seriously. I have set myself upon the throne of my life, and I expect everyone else to pay me the respect that’s really only due to You. I think much of my circumstances and spend so much time and energy trying to manipulate them. I confess that I am a completely derelict, irresponsible and undisciplined ambassador of Your Kingdom, failing miserably at my job.

Thank You for Your forgiveness. Thank You that You are working in me both to will and to do. Thank You that You’ve promised to make good on my life, to turn it into something beautiful. Thank You for second chances unnumbered. Thank You for the freedom we experience in this country. Thank You for my beautiful children and their health. Thank You for Ben’s new school. Thank You for our new life and routine. Thank You that You will guide me to understand exactly which projects are worthy of my time and attention and will bring me a spiritual director.

Please bring that spiritual director this week. Please bring me an older, wiser person who will be honest and speak into my life and hold me accountable and expect much of me spiritually. Please help me to see the absolute best in people and not judge or criticize the ones you send into my life. Please help me to take my current perspective into my day, and to continue to take my projects very lightly, and to put all the weight on Your goals of glory. Please bless this evening’s party and give us the strength to cover it spiritually so that the Opposition is defeated. Please shape us into a cohesive, spiritually disciplined band of believers who make a difference in the history of mankind.

In Jesus’ beautiful name I pray, amen!

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A Prayer to Awaken the Sleeping Souls

Abba, You surround me, fill me, animate me. Your breath gives me Life. Your Word is creative power, the force that brings into being out of nothing. You are an ocean of love we can float in. You have the power to end our life in one instant. You wait patiently for us to grow and learn and come around to Your ways. You satisfy our souls and nothing else can. You are the only reality worth our time and energy. You provide everything we could ever need. You romance us with the tiny details of life, quietly calling to us, urging us to stop our striving and rest in Your embrace. To let go of the world and cling to You.

I confess that, while yesterday I certainly did think of you more, I still have sooooo far to go. I want to cease from my habit of worldly busy-ness and sit at your feet like Mary. I confess that I don’t know how to do that and still get all the things done I “need”┬áto get done. I confess that I separate sacred and secular, and I don’t bring a spirit of worship into my housework. I confess that I am still serving Mammon by believing that I “need” money. I put my trust in money and believe that if we had it, things would be better. I also confess that I am still a belligerent little girl who argues with Gramma and is given to bouts of anger and hatred. Not pretty! Not mature. Embarrassing.

Thank You for Gramma’s heart of generosity, sharing her home with us, without which we would be homeless like our buddies at the Manna Room. Thank You that our children are healthy and happy. Thank You for yesterday’s depression and the release of tears. Thank You for another day. Thank You for the free call with Margo. Thank You for the brand personality quiz and realization that I’ve been branding myself as the girl-next-door when really, I’m not that relatable! I’m much more of an explorer with aspirations of becoming a magician. Thank You for how perfect and precious baby Freedom is. Thank You for our moment playing ball together last night. Thank You for the Real Moments of Life.

Please help me to remember that Real Moments are what matter, and everything else is just busy work. Please give me wisdom regarding my priorities and actions, and don’t let me be distracted by things that are unessential in the Kingdom. Please rip from my heart the desire to do ANYTHING unessential. Weed out all the extras and leave my heart ablaze for You, only passionate about the things You’re passionate about. Please bring me mentors and spiritual directors who can help me with that. Please cut the fat off of my life. I long to be Yours. Transform me. Renew my mind! Please! I beg You. Don’t let me live one more day of folly and forgetfulness. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and consume me completely. I give You my heart, my life, as a living sacrifice. Please, I beg You, take it! Use it! Transform me! Heal the world! Wake up the sleeping souls, including mine, and set us all about Your purposes! Please!! Thank You!

In Jesus’ holy name I pray, amen.

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