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My Desire: To Be Trained + Ordained, Anointed + Appointed


You are eternal, perfect, holy, and whole. You are completely integrated and always in integrity with yourself. You aren’t lacking anything. You are fullness of love, definiteness of purpose, confidence, grace. You’re here with me, embracing me, filling me with Your power, Your love, Your wisdom.

I confess that I’m too full of my little self to have any room for You to pour Yourself into me, and I don’t know how to change that on my own. I want to pour all of me—all my desires, earthly hopes and dreams, worries, wishes, concerns, projects, all of it—out, leaving an empty vessel to offer You to use for Your purposes.

Thank You that Your Holy Spirit can teach me how to do that, to offer myself at Your feet. Thank You that I’m aching for You right now, and that my highest desire is to be with You, to be Your trained & ordained, anointed & appointed Minister of Reconciliation. Thank You that You wouldn’t give me this desire to be Your Ambassador unless You intend to make good on it and redeem my life.

Today I pray that You would open doors in that direction, that I could become trained & ordained, anointed & appointed. Please give me wisdom and certainty about what that means and how to serve You completely in my life right now, while working towards becoming trained & ordained so that I have the confidence and inspiration to be all about You all the time. Please send me cohorts and mentors that can help me guard myself from distractions, because I know I’m too weak and worldly on my own. Teach me to feed my spirit and starve my flesh! Make me Your Ambassador. I beg You!!

In Jesus’ merciful name I pray, amen.

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happy INDEPENDENCE day!!!

thank You, thank You, thank You, Abba.  thank You thank You thank You!!!!


free to be me!!!

for Independence Day–an opportunity every single year for us to spend a whole day remembering that you created us to be INDEPENDENT.  to be our own powerhouse, our own highest Authority under You and no one else.  to use the FREE will You created us with.

for FREE will!!!  what an extraordinary gift.

for gradually waking me up to the awareness of what free will really is and how to use it for the betterment of mankind (and myself in the process)

for my amazing, beautiful, magical munchkins and how perfect they are.  thank You for blessing me with the gift of motherhood and for the awareness that it IS a gift + a privilege + an honor.

for bringing me back into the blogging empire this morning, and for bringing me into this NEW FORMAT for praying + journalling together–ONLY GRATITUDE.

for the POWER of gratitude + the amazing changes i know it can’t help but bring about, changes i can’t even fathom right now.

for the books You’ve led me to over the years that have ingrained in me that power.

for mac computers, wireless internet, and the very existence of the Internet itself, free and easy-to-use sites like wordpress, the alphabet and written language, my keyboarding class in high school, and all the other things that went into my being able to share this prayer with the world today.

for loving me even when i’m anything but lovable.  for universal unconditional love.  for teaching me every day a little bit more what that means and making me more like You every day, even if i can’t see the change.

for my heart and for leading me to the inner ease technique and heart-breathing exercises that have made such a difference in my life these past few weeks.

thank You thank You thank You.  i love You.

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