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Finding Fulfillment Among the Homeless

Abba, You are the brilliant Author of Compassion. You created us with a heart that is meant to love and to find its true fulfillment in relationship with each other. What an incredible design! What love! You are incredible. I am in awe of You and how You made us. I adore You and Your incredible ways, Your overwhelming generosity, and Your giant heart that holds space for everyone. Your limitless grace and patience. Your magnificent Universe and all that’s waiting Beyond.

I confess that I have not lived a life of compassion. I have been so caught up in my own little dramas and “adventures” that I have missed out on real life till now. I confess that I still have so so so far to go in learning to let You love through me. There are still so many parts of me striving for “success” and vying for the throne, leading a rebellion against You and Your ways. I am still so undisciplined and spending such a tiny amount of my time in prayer and worship, which is all I really want to do!

Thank You for Your incredible blessings, for my sweet family and my amazing daily community of poor and homeless. I feel so truly taken care of, provided for, and loved. As Gramma says, “You’ve been too kind to me.” Thank You for the heart of compassion that You’re growing in me, and the true FULFILLMENT I’m experiencing as a result of it. Thank You for keeping our family healthy, together, and with a roof over our heads. Thank You for teaching me what true happiness and contentment look like. Thank You for allowing the locusts to take almost everything away, so I could see what mattered, and that all I was left with was all I ever really wanted. Thank You for this crazy adventure and for what’s awaiting us in Heaven.

Today I ask that You would take the parts of my heart that are still stone and melt them into pure love. Take away all the old me–ALL of it–and make me an on-fire, nothing-to-lose, nothing-else-matters Ambassador of Your Kingdom. These beautiful people trust me and love me, and that is a powerful force–may I use it to bring them home to You, Abba. Teach me how to be a minister of Reconciliation and what that looks like, in a non-preachy, not-so-religious, loving, natural way. And help me to keep my mouth shut when necessary! 😉

In Jesus’ powerful name I pray, amen!

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Community Overflow——Why I’m the Richest Woman I Know

Abba, You are so loving and kind. You created us so that You could have someone on whom to shower Your love and blessings, someone to share Yourself with. You pursue us relentlessly, all day long, every day. You are endlessly inventive in the ways that You show Your love and attention. You are beautiful and absurdly generous and refreshingly unconditional. You love everyone that way, not just the ones who obey You and return Your love. You ARE love. Always. You complete us.

I confess that I have spent so many years believing I need to do something in order to make my life more beautiful, not appreciating all the magic around me that I had nothing to do with. Not being content with my amazing life just the way it is. Endlessly striving toward “more” and “better,” making it absolutely impossible for me to ever experience the perfection of what was always right here waiting for me. I confess that I had placed “success” and “career” on the throne of my heart.

THANK YOU SO MUCH that You have rescued me from that reality and reclaimed the throne. Thank you for the perfection of my life, the overwhelming generosity, and the abundance of community. So many of my prayers answered. And that was the one I wanted most. Family. Tribe. Friendship. Opportunities to serve and help. Breaking bread together. Celebrating together. Dreaming together while enjoying the bliss of now together. Thank you thank you thank you for my tribe of girlfriends.

Please take this day and make of it what YOU will. I place myself on Your altar and ask You to take all of me. Use me for Your service. Set my heart on fire to love Your children so fiercely that they cannot believe any longer that You’ve forgotten them. Use me as a channel of Your abundance so that we can make the Manna Room a place of beauty and comfort along with all the great food and amazing people. Please give me wisdom as to how to connect with Elsa and help heal her wounds, and how best to budget the money that’s coming soon from welfare!

In Jesus’ almighty and precious name, amen!

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