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The Prayer + Potluck Party is Born (We’re “Hooked Up”)


You are eternal sunshine. You are magic. You are real. You are logical. You are sometimes very illogical. You created everything. You ARE love. You are so much bigger than the God of religion, even Christianity. You are un-understandable. You are outrageous. You are beyond “Beyond.” You are the great Mystery. To You there ARE no mysteries. You. Are. And You are mine. You are the lover of my soul, the breath of my life, the beat of my heart.

I confess that I still forget You for most of the day, and instead spend that time and energy managing my image, trying to be liked, and trying to provide for myself and my kids. Playing You. And I confess that I’m still so ungrateful for so many things, and I take Life itself for granted most days. I confess that I still let fear win the battle, and I don’t stand up to it and own my power as a prayer warrior. I confess that I lose more battles than I win, because I’m not even in the game. I’m distracted and caught up in the drama of the seen.

Thank You for Lucian’s birthday party tonight, and that we’re invited to Carrie’s house after all this time. We must be vibrating at a much higher frequency to be attracting her again. Thank You for my fantastic conversation with Charles last night as he waited for his bus. Thank You for love and friendship and conversation. Thank You thank You thank You for the Manna Room. Thank You for the angel Eddie who invited me there, but whom I’ve never seen again. Thank You that my children are happy and healthy and WITH ME, and that my marriage is protected by Your grace. Thank You that I have absolutely everything I need.

Please guide my priorities today. Give me wisdom as to what to do first, how to fit in creative projects like writing the “For Richer or Poorer” monologue/blog. Please create a community of prayer warriors around us, and fill me with Your Holy Spirit so that I can boldly lead that movement if no one else is. Please grant us favor and doors wide open as we move in that direction.

Oh, I just had an Idea: throw a Prayer + Potluck Party at Linda Evans’ home.

Family-friendly. Anyone is welcome. We’ll break off in groups and cover the entire party (including food issues), our families, churches, city, nation, worldwide body of Christ, planet, and universe in prayer. We’ll open with worship. Maybe a hymn-sing. We’ll put out a blessing jar to collect any funds people feel led to share in order to bless Steve + Linda for sharing their home.

We can also do this same party at OUR home, and set up the garage as the prayer room. No blessing jar needed, because we’re “hooked up.” 😉

The more I think about it, I really really REALLY want to make it to at least the prayer part of Sam & Amy’s family small group on Sunday. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to pray with other believers! However, there’s the issue of childcare. $15 is just too much for our family right now, and I don’t even know if baby Freedom would be happy. Maybe just I could go, and leave the kids at home with Ian? No, that would be too weird. Hmmmm. Okay, maybe I’ll sit this one out for now, and work out my own prayer party as discussed above, but one that is FREE and operates on a rotating childcare/prayer system. THANK YOU, Abba!!!! Love love love it.

Oh em gee. One last thing before I go–I just realized we need to set out a PRAYER JAR–of COURSE!!!–that’s what people write their prayer requests on during the party. Then we distribute those during prayer time, so each gets covered during the party AND during the week afterward. It can even include contact info IF you desire a follow-up. Oh my sweet Jesus, thank You so much for this precious and beautiful idea. I can’t wait to experience this in person!!! 🙂

I love You love You love You! In Jesus’ all-powerful name I pray, amen!

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God of Ultimate Wisdom, Worthy of Radical Trust

Abba, You are faultless. What looks like unanswered prayers can only ever be a faulty perspective on our end. You work things out for the best. Always. You don’t make mistakes. We can completely trust Your decisions and the way things turn out and know that if it IS, it must be what’s best. You aren’t impersonal, but deeply involved in our emotions and our experience. You so want us to trust You and be content and at peace. That’s why You offer us Your Word and urge us to give thanks in all things. You promise to keep us in perfect peace when we put our trust in You. You are the author of that perfect peace, ready to wrap that warm blanket around us the moment we turn to You.

I confess that I let myself get emotionally caught up in the upheaval yesterday. I confess that I thought about little else but myself all day, wallowing in the sadness of letting my boy go off into the world to school. I confess inherent racism still present in me, which I absolutely hate, but cannot deny. I still am much more comfortable sticking to familiar faces and I haven’t gone out of my way to befriend many African Americans at the Manna Room.

Thank You for bringing this to my attention, and thank You for the book of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches. I am so enjoying those! Thank You for whatever reason You have for making me so attracted to those! Thank You for my new girlfriends in life and online who are ready and willing to collaborate and create unimaginable new futures together. Thank You for our great walk + conversation last night and that my husband and I are both being drawn to Appreciation over achievement and Presence over productivity.

Please keep that theme heavy and large in our lives today. Give me wisdom and Presence as I head into lunch with my two fantastic girlfriends who are very much not Believers, and whose priorities are therefore skewed. Help me to stay aware of You and Your goals for these precious women, and to be the Presence of the Kingdom, an Ambassador bringing the reality of Heaven to earth. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit so I can minister peace + reconciliation! And bless the work of our hands as we write together, if this story is something You want written through us. Thank You for their friendship and for bringing me this focus! Help me to remember that I’m headed out into the world today, bringing light with me, and that I need to Expect Opposition, Recognize Opposition, and Neutralize Opposition. May I end this day feeling deep gratitude and satisfaction.

In Jesus’ mighty name I pray, amen!

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