water the seeds

English: A sprout in a lightbulb.

English: A sprout in a lightbulb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This very important concept comes from my friend Sammy Maloof, a Hollywood stunt car driver who also happens to be an incredible powerhouse for God, holding Bible studies and other incredible prayer moments in his hot rod shop (he has experienced some amazing miracles! Learn more at his official website).

Sammy says when we ask God for something, that’s it–it’s a done deal! The answer is already on the way. So if we ask God for the same things over + over, we’re actually demonstrating a lack of faith that makes it nearly impossible* for God to answer our prayers!!!

Instead, ask for something ONLY ONCE! after that, whenever it crosses your mind + you’re tempted to worry about it–or even to do the seemingly more “spiritually mature” thing and PRAY about it!!!–instead THANK GOD that it’s already on the way.

Sammy compared it to a gardener who plants seeds and then begins to wonder if anything’s actually happening, so he digs the seeds up to see if they’ve sprouted yet. He then re-plants them or plants new seeds, only to repeat this same scenario in a few days or hours. Obviously this is not the best way to grow plants! That gardener might be waiting a LONG time (possibly forever!) to see a harvest, which will probably only show up once he’s given up and forgotten about the seeds. Then it will seem like SUDDENLY there’s all this growth. Sound familiar?

So once you’ve presented your request to God, water those seeds by GIVING THANKS in faith, using your imagination, if need be, to feel how thrilled you’ll be when it shows up!

* notice I said “nearly”–lucky for us, nothing is impossible with God, and He CAN work around our doubts & answer a prayer even when we are busy basically telling Him by our worrying that we don’t really believe He will, BUT—who wants to go thru all that mess, when you can just do it the intended way to begin with?

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